Not A Lot Of Stuff Done

As expected for a weekend, nothing really productive accomplished. I woke up late, mostly slept in (the rain during the afternoon cooled down the air enough that it was hard not to), and caught up on my anime.  A laid-back day, really.

The only standouts for today didn’t even involve me.  For example, my father had two visitors over, who had come by to consult with him over another project, while the baby, during his bath in the afternoon, didn’t want to leave the wash basin he was bathing in, and made such a ruckus when he eventually was forcibly moved.

That, and a late-afternoon nap precipitated by aforementioned rain.  It was still raining a bit when I finally woke up, and strong enough for my father to climb up to the space beneath our roof to empty the water containers there, but otherwise the only effect it’s done is to make the night a lot more comfortable.

Anime Watched: Two weeks worth of Magimoji Rurumo.


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