Not The Best Use Of Space

I woke up really late today, to the point that I totally missed my sister (and with her the baby and his minder) going back home to her house in Quezon City.  However, when I was quickly “volunteered” into helping my father assemble one of the things included in my mom’s most recent package.  At first glance it looked like a flatscreen TV, but it was apparently a PS3 “3d” monitor, which much to my father’s dismay, apparently couldn’t be used as a normal TV as it lacked the ports where one would normally plug in cable TV lines.  A little disappointed, I helped him pack everything back, and once that was done, he quickly gave my mother a video conference call to inform her about it.

The rest of my day passed uneventfully, until it started raining sometime during the mid-afternoon, at which things turned cold, windy, and very wet, which is a real concern since we usually go to church during the afternoons. Suffice to say umbrellas became mandatory for our outings, and also forced another trip to the space below the roof for my father, where I helped him empty out the pails there of water.

The rain still is ongoing, and the chill it brings really makes the thought of hitting the sack… more appealing

Tomorrow is yet another agency visit, as well as having my NBI clearance renewed.

Anime Watched: Two week’s worth of Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha, Captain Earth, Barakamon.  


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