Got Some Stuff Done, At Least

Just as expected, if you’ve managed to pay for the NBI clearance, you can just mosey over to the biometrics segment and have your information without much of a fuss. Add to the fact that, despite me leaving at around ten or so, there was literally no line for biometrics at the Robinsons Galleria NBI center, and my visit there went rather quickly. Too bad you couldn’t wait for the clearance to be printed out anymore, which means that I still have to drop by on the twenty-second to get it.

Finishing the NBI thing early though meant that I could start on the medical examination, which was located at a clinic just within walking distance of the Shaw Boulevard MRT station.  That took up to three to complete all of the required examinations, at the end of which I was feeling hungry (I only ate breakfast, and had no extra money for lunch as I had used the money my father gave me to buy a replacement 100-peso stored value ticket), but seeing as I still had time, I went to my old job to follow up on my backpay and maybe get my BIR form (which was one of the requirements for my new work).

I had to wait for a while for the tax form though, and I might have to wait even longer for my backpay, as payroll estimates that it might be October already before I see a check from them.  Ah well.

I left the old office building… to find the streets wet.  Apparently there was a strong squall while I was inside waiting, and I was quite lucky to miss it.  That said, as I was already shaking in hunger, I made haste to get home.

And when I did get home… I found that my father didn’t prepare any rice before he left for Baclaran.  Heck, I was preparing to cook some on the rice cooker when he finally made it back.

I got impatient, and while the rice was cooking, I prepared some ramen instead.  How poor and single otaku-like.  Can’t complain much though, and suffice to say that when it finally got cooked, I was very happy (and full) at the end of it

No places to go tomorrow, so I plan to catch up on both Hanayamata and Momokyun Sword.


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