All Plans Rained In

Suffice to say that, despite waiting up late for my sister, it turned out that they couldn’t come after all — not only was the baby suffering from colds, it was apparently raining hard at Quezon City past midnight, which didn’t really make for safe travel conditions.

Take note that, at the point I received that text message from her, it had started to rain in our area as well.

In any case, this left me wide awake during the witching hour, which forced me to be creative in trying to find things to do to tire me out. Even with that, I still fell asleep well past three in the morning, at which point the rain had increased in strength.  The drop in temperature brought by the rain however was just the thing to finally force me to get some shuteye.

I woke up late, obviously, and discovered that the not only was the rain still ongoing, it had again increased in strength and there were strong winds along with it for good measure.  As a result, most of the day was dark (as in twilight dark) and relatively cold.

Didn’t really do much during the day as a result, but I did help out my father whenever he needed to climb up and empty the water receptacle under our roof.  He did this around two or three times in total over the course of the day.  There was even a short blackout, which was annoying in the scheme of things, but still nothing compared to the hardship the people living by the Marikina river experienced (where most had to leave their homes due to river waters going above a person in height).

It’s estimated by our local weather bureau that this will continue until tomorrow at least, so I guess we’re stuck here for the duration.


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