Some Things Never Change

I started the day, funnily enough, with the laundry.

I woke up late today, and the cloudy weather didn’t really give me much incentive to get up from bed.  Only when my father came in and reminded me of the laundry did I decide to rouse myself, if only because I also remembered that, this time around, the baby’s minder wasn’t around to take over laundry duties for us.

So down I went, to work on the pile of clothes we had somehow built up over the week.  It took a while, especially since the other apartment dwellers were also doing their laundry today (not surprising, given how it was raining hard yesterday), which meant that the water pressure wasn’t that great.

After that was done, and the laundry hung out to dry, my father and I had lunch.  He was heading to one of our relatives, a beloved lola of ours in Las Pinas, who had suffered a stroke again, while I was headed to somewhere closer — a photocopier place, to have some of my requirements copied, as we still didn’t have a functioning printer at home.  Needless to say, I got home first, at which I put the laundry in the shade, a bit worried that it might suddenly rain.

When that was done, I busied myself with the usual computer-related nonsense.

My father came just in time for dinner (a chicken adobo meal I prepared on my own). As for my sister, she wasn’t going to come after all, and just sent me a text message that she’s going to drop by next week instead.

At that, I took an early-evening nap, which was interrupted a bit by a text message from my new place of work that there was a change of plans, and instead of a four-hour new employee orientation, I was to look forward to an eight-hour session off the bat on Monday.  Joy.

Going to have to get that NBI clearance before then though…


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