Getting Used To The New Schedule

If there are any out there wondering why I wasn’t able to write a journal entry last night, it was mainly because I was at my new place of work enduring the NEO (new employee orientation), with the second half devoted to a crash course on what exactly I’m supposed to be doing.  So from this point on, entries will be posted in the mornings.  What this will do to my erratic anime viewing schedule is up to debate, but I’m foreseeing a whole lot of backlog as well as weekend marathoning in the months to come.

In any case, I’m employed again! That’s definitely something to celebrate, but I’m not going to see a payout at the end of the month, sadly, as the start of my employment (the 22nd) falls under the cutoff to the pay-out that’s going to happen on the 15th of next month.  So I’m going to have to endure for a little longer… providing I don’t wash out and get punted to a different service in the company instead.

It really puts things in perspective when the trainer flat-out says that the client that there’s just way too many of us, and that unless we pass consistently in our tests over the next few days, people are going to get cut from the program.  Given the nature of the account, that’s going to be a tall order, and consistently getting over 70% passing for the whole training period is going to be daunting, to say the least.

Still gonna try though.  Sitting on an empty bank account, and being forced to rely on the folks again (which just ends me a constant earful from my dad day in and day out) is never pleasant.


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