Doesn’t Make Me Feel Too Happy, All Told

Much to my own surprise, I passed the last exam for chapter 1 of the Series 6 review, earning 72% (36 out of 50 items).  Given how my target was “just” 65%, this meant that it was more than enough to guarantee that I won’t be in danger of being cut from the class (for now).

It’s a little sobering however, when the three of us (who scored at the top of the class) got showed the overall scores for both classes taking the review.  Of the twenty-three odd people in our class who took the exam, only the three of us passed.  The rest were people from the other class.

Suffice to say, once I got out of the room and waited in the lobby, while groups of three get called in, only to come out a few minutes later trying to hold back tears, well, it was heartbreaking.  There are definitely a few people who won’t be coming in to class tonight.

And we’re going to do this again at the end of each chapter, until the 3rd of October, which if everything goes on schedule marks the end of the third chapter?  I’m not sure if I can take it.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to get to reviewing for tonight’s exam(s) then.


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