Exam Marathon

I wasn’t able to do a journal entry yesterday, mostly due to the fact that I was focused on reviewing for the long and final exams to chapter 2 of the Series 6 review.  Suffice to say that, despite spending most of my waking hours on the review, there was a very real feeling that all of that information would just spill out once I got to the actual class.

It was actually a little worse, as rather than the expected two exams, we got three instead, the extra one being the supplemental test.  Funnily enough, on some level the supplement was actually harder than the long exam we started the night’s session with.  Buh.

As was starting to become the norm for exam days, the atmosphere among my classmates was muted. While our trainer said that he won’t be cutting people anymore, no one wanted to become the exception, especially when management came into the picture.

And me?  I managed to pass, though at all three instances I felt like I was hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

Now, on to chapter 3, which is apparently yet another difficult chapter. Ugh.


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