Oh It’s Close Now, Close Enough To Touch

It turned out, the lone member of our series 6 class who took the exam on the 30th passed his exam.  As a reward, our instructor bought everyone (all 19 of us) bought us venti-sized Starbucks drinks of our own choosing (I went with Coffee Jelly myself) from his own pocket.  So it was the … Continue reading Oh It’s Close Now, Close Enough To Touch

When You Feel Like You’re Running On Fumes Again

Suffice to say, that rather than sleep, I've spent the day doing anything but.  When I got home, I didn't go to bed, and instead waited until the bank opened so I could deposit my pay into my savings account.  Kancolle and Kansen x Shoujo were helpful in that regard, for sure. Then I waited … Continue reading When You Feel Like You’re Running On Fumes Again

Why Back Out At The Last Moment?

And all of a sudden, our class was down by one member, a mere two days before the first of us takes the exam, and barely a week before the rest of our turns come too.  It's a bit of a shock, particularly to his other companions (from the MetLife batch), to come so far … Continue reading Why Back Out At The Last Moment?

So Very Close Now

I actually woke up early today, the end result of going back to a daytime schedule for the weekend.  I had actually gone down at around five, fully prepared to do the laundry... only to find that my father had already finished the rinsing, and had actually hung the clothes to dry. With nothing else to … Continue reading So Very Close Now

Nothing But A Whole Lot Of Catching Up

Unsurprisingly, I spent a good chunk of the day in idleness, after changing the sheets to my pillows and bed, as well as figuring out the issue with my father's laptop (turns out that its auto-backup function was out of control, essentially eating up all the available HD space of the second hard drive).  Oh, … Continue reading Nothing But A Whole Lot Of Catching Up

Making It Hard To Grind To A Halt

It wouldn't surprise anyone to learn that I just spent most of the day sleeping, and the rest of the time after waking up catching up on Kancolle and Anime, and not necessarily in that order.  Now if I could have a massage done, then I'd probably be good for next week. I just want … Continue reading Making It Hard To Grind To A Halt

Unlooked Connection Migrations

Our area's phone lines went down the other day, apparently due to our system being migrated, whatever that meant.  The consequences were immediate however -- our home phone registered nothing but a busy signal, and the modem's third light, which showed the DSL connection, wasn't on.  It was annoying for sure. And by the time I … Continue reading Unlooked Connection Migrations

At Least We Have A Timeline Now

So there you have it.  We finally got our exam schedules last night, meaning we now know who's going to the testing center first.  One of the class had the misfortune of not only being the first among us to take the exam (next week, on October 30th), but the only one for that particular schedule … Continue reading At Least We Have A Timeline Now

Wind Blown Out Of My Sails

As I feared, the high scores I've been getting during the daily comprehensive exams were a compounding effect of getting exposed mostly the same set of questions day in and day out (if you can call getting familiar with Kaplan's 4000+ question selection a regular occurrence!). When we were given a pre-test that wasn't based … Continue reading Wind Blown Out Of My Sails

Pressure Mounting With Proximity

So here I am, barely a week away from the actual series 6 exam.  Most of the class is already feeling the pressure. So much riding on the result, after all.  I mean, after all this work, you obviously WANT to pass, right?  Especially with that sign-in bonus at stake... Myself in particular, I seem … Continue reading Pressure Mounting With Proximity