Lulls That Really Aren’t

To the surprise of everyone, the entirety of yesterday’s session was spent just reading chapter 3.   No exams, just reading.  Apparently it was because the staff was going to use the time to deliberate on our eventual fates.  Because, frankly, in the scheme of things, our batch was a bit of a letdown, especially when none of us seemed to have scored the 70% normally required to not wash out at the end of Chapter 2.

In any case, tonight’s going to make up for that, with the usual pre-session and post-session exams, which will be followed tomorrow by the long exam then the final exam, which will then be topped on Friday with a combined exam for all three chapters we’ve tackled so far.  If we manage to pass then, it means we’ve gone past the pre-certification phase.  Sheesh.

Aside from that, nothing else exciting for the evening, except for us finally getting our company IDs… Except the electronic badges weren’t working yet. Which meant that we’d still have to swing by the front desk to get guest IDs just to get in.

With the IDs in hand though, that means that I’m going to have to go out and buy some sort of cover for mine, so the image on it won’t fade out so quickly.  Except I don’t have any money, or savings to do so.  Heck, I’m going to have to ask my father for another loan tonight just to be able to buy a new stored value MRT card.

Having no money truly sucks.  Being forced to financially rely on someone who doesn’t miss the opportunity to point out the stupidity of my situation sucks some more. Lesson definitely learned.


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