And The Marathon Continues

It says a lot about the past week and a half or so that I’ve gotten inured to exam after exam.  I don’t necessarily like it though, but in my current experience though it’s not something I could avoid even if I wanted to.  So the best that I could do right now is continue with the review, and try to get over that minimum passing grade.

Now, there’s three exams scheduled for tonight, a long exam, a final exam, and a supplemental exam to pull up the ratings a bit if needed.  At the very least, going to have to try to get within the 60% to 70% range (the latter much more preferable when deliberation finally comes) for all three. Tall order eh?  

But wait, there’s more!

Turns out Chapter 3’s final grade only encompasses 15% of the pre-qualifier segment grade.  What’s more important to pass is the comprehensive exam tomorrow, which apparently comprises a whopping 50% of the pre-qual grade.  And I have to get 60% to 70% on that too.

The pressure, it keeps on piling up

Oh, and as an addendum. The plans to drop off the baby with us tomorrow seems to have changed, as I found out when I woke up today to find that my nephew was traipsing all around the house this afternoon.  The mitigating factor being, of course, the fact that apparently the kid of his caretaker got into an accident, and she had to run back to the province to see if he’s alright. My father’s got his hands full, for sure, and it’s making it hard to review properly when I have to pitch in as well.

In any case, back to review. Hopefully it doesn’t rain harder than it already is, as it’d just make the MRT situation as terrible as last night (where there was a ton of people in the station in this huge line waiting to go down to the platform).


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