Piles, And Then Some

We had accumulated quite a pile of laundry over the week, so I had made sure to wake up early just for it, and forestall my father’s usual nagging.  It was a good thing that I did though, as it took me something like three hours (I finished right at noon) to soap, scrub, rinse, and hang up to dry all of that clothing.  It’s a good thing it was mostly cloudy too, else things would have gotten uncomfortable (meaning hot) very quickly.

Spent the rest of the day idly, because darnit, after that comprehensive exam, I deserve the rest.

In any case, my sister and the baby are staying with us longer than usual (normally my brother-in-law would had come to get them by now) due to it being a holiday tomorrow.  Hmm… I wanted to double-check on my severance pay from my previous job, so I wonder if the accounting department will be open tomorrow…

I’ll just have to see then.


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