When Those Facts Dawn Upon You

I wasn’t able to do a post yesterday, as I was busy trying to readjust my sleep schedule back to something more nocturnal after a weekend’s worth of “normal” sleeping (meaning I went to bed in the evening and woke in the morning), but I have to say, the evening’s review session kind of made up for it.  While the session itself was mild by comparison, when you look at the two weeks we just experienced (just a single 40-item exam after most of the day spent reading), what we learned about what we’re going to face in the weeks leading up to the series 6 exam is plain daunting. After this week, it’s two 100-item comprehensive (meaning covering everything from chapters 1 to 6) exams everyday, to drill all that information into our heads.

It’s going to be a… special final weak, for sure, especially for those who got put into mutual funds, who’re apparently going to take the exam a weak before everyone else.  Thing is though, no one knows who’s been assigned to annuities, and who got selected to handle mutual funds so…

In any case, at least the pressure to pass the unit exams is gone, though I did wish I could have done better last night.  26 out of 40 isn’t bad (was still the second overall), but seeing as we were supposed to shoot for 70 and above, and I foresee that there’s still a whole lot of work ahead of us.

That said, at least I’m guaranteed that ten thousand sign-in bonus.  And it was a good thing I was able to submit my shift records yesterday as well.


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