Early In The Motions

I’m still continuing to survive through the final two chapters of the series 6 review, though I kind of wish that my scores would go higher.  As they stand, they seem to have settled along the 70% level, which while passing doesn’t really give much buffer, which is going to be really important once the real exam comes along at the end of October or early November.  Hopefully by the pre-exam grind next week I get to see an upward trend.

Have to go to work early tonight by the way, as everyone in the class is going to have their finger prints taken for the U-4 forms that FINRA requires (Even for applicants to the exam? Really now?). This means going to the office two minutes early, though I suppose one can use the rest of the time there after it’s done to just review (chapter 5 in this case).

So far no update in sight for my backpay, as apparently the processing on it hasn’t begun yet, if the payroll department’s text message is any indication. *sigh*

And that’s it I suppose.  As an aside, Hatsune Miku just did an act on David Letterman a few hours ago, but that’s likely only a big deal for the mainstream, and those who don’t follow Vocaloid stuff regularly.  


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