Lack Of Sleep And Exams Too Many

Last night we had to come in early as we had to have our fingerprints taken (manually, as these were physical U-4 forms).  Aside from taking a place in line to have the prints done, as well as thoroughly washing off the inks off our fingers afterward, the process went by quickly, enough that we had time to either laze about, or review the chapter for the exam.  Not surprisingly, many did the latter.

Had the usual round of exams, but I was a bit annoyed at my performance this time.  One point lower than the 70% needed to pass. So much for that upward trend.

Tonight we’re going to tackle the final, and shortest chapter, which means we get two exams tonight, rather than two over two days.

Oh, and apparently we’re getting our ATM cards on either Monday or Tuesday, which is good timing, as payday is on Wednesday.

Ah, have to say, really looking forward to the weekend again, only because it means uninterrupted sleeping

Anime Watched: Amagi Brilliant Park, Shirobako, Parasyte.


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