Used To These Absurd Hours

Being on a nocturnal schedule causes strange stuff to happen.  For example, the other night, I more or less woke up at ten or so, and despite my post then, I ended up awake well past midnight.  Figuring that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at any rate (as it was the same time as my review schedule at my new job), I went downstairs, to work on the pile of laundry my father had been nagging about earlier that day. I think I spent about two hours on that, though I was able to prepare myself some breakfast in between (nothing fancy, just ramen). So, when my father finally came downstairs after he woke up, the laundry was done, and was already hung out to dry.

I tried to sleep after that, but one thing after the other kept me from doing so (including a long brown-out that lasted for most of the morning) and interruptions by my nephew sauntering into my room and messing with the stuff there. I was finally to get some shut-eye, but only after lunch, and only after I finished dusting off my room.  By that point, my sister, the baby, and tatay (who had gone with them to accompany them to Trinoma), had left, so I was able to get some peace and quiet.

However, this meant that without any interruptions I slept through the afternoon into the late evening.  Which means that I missed going to church, but also means that I’m just following a nocturnal schedule again.  So here I am, wide awake.  What to do?

Well, maybe I should access the Kaplan website a bit for review.  Then anime in between when I get bored from the review.


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