Turning Up Unneeded Pressure

Wasn’t able to get much sleep today, as despite my own plans on the matter, I still woke up at around eight in the morning. Tried to grab some sleep after that point, but in between from my father’s nagging, and suddenly being made aware of the laundry drying outside, I wasn’t able to get any shut-eye at all.  The best that I could do was a strange demi-nap late in the afternoon. Buh.

Tonight’s more grind at the review, with us returning to Chapter 1 again.  Can’t say that I’ve improved much, and a quick run through the tests available on the Kaplan website show that I’m barely hanging over the 70% mark with regards to knowledge application.  And we’re going to get a 100-item exam for this again later? Yikes.

All this, on top of the news that one of our beloved relatives not only suffered a heart attack, but is in a coma right now.  My father’s going to try and go to where she’s confined in the PGH, but things aren’t looking good. Going to have to pray anyway.

My only plan for tonight is to not fall asleep during the review.


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