All That Work To Go Through

It’s the day before payday, and I’m not feeling all that chipper, especially after everything I’ve experienced just getting to this point.  Now all I need to do is pick up the ATM card, withdraw my pay, and deposit the money into my savings.  Simple right?

There’s a slight problem with all this of course, as I’d have to go up and actually pick up the card at the branch tomorrow… and it only opens at eight-thirty in the morning.  Which is an hour and a half after the end of our shift.  Oi.

Yeah, you can be sure that I’ll be parking myself either in the pantry, or in the sleeping quarters while I wait out the hour or so, before I walk to the location.  Buh.

So what’s the itenerary tonight?  Chapter 2, which contains Mutual Funds and Annuities.  Again.  Fun this ain’t, for sure.


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