Broke No Longer

It was quite a wait, but I finally got paid today.  Not quite out of poverty, but it’s a start.

Funny, but it turned out that our HR office didn’t have our ATM cards; the bank that the office used had it, so we had to go there and pick our cards there ourselves. Oh, and they failed to mention that there was something like a twenty-four hour activation period, which meant that we couldn’t actually use our cards yet once we got them, and would have to get our pay over-the-counter.  How old-fashioned.

However, since it was already evening, we would have to wait until the shift was over, head over to the BDO branch that was located right smack drab at the Philippine Stock Exchange, and then wait for them to open so we would get our cards.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that, when our shift ended, it was raining like heck?  Let me tell you, waiting for the bank to open felt like forever, especially in the middle of the pouring rain when the only thing protecting me was a hat and a jacket.

As for the shift itself, I spent half of it asleep, because I couldn’t sleep during the afternoon that preceded the shift.  That, and I spent a good part of it on the Kaplan website reviewing Chapter 2 (Mutual Funds and Annuities) again.  It’s a good thing that our instructor didn’t get angry, though I suppose part of that was due to how I was able to score 80% and 87%, respectively, on the two 40-item exams we had during the shift.

And now, we’re back at Chapter 3 again.  Taxation. Wonderful.  And since our neighbor’s radio is going full-blast, it looks like I’m not going to get any sleep either this afternoon. Back to Kaplan for me then…

P.S. Lola Popeng’s apparently in a coma.  My father isn’t really too positive she’s going to get better, given her age.  I mean, she was pretty old, and he actually stayed with her when he first came to the big city to start studying!  To put things in perspective, my father is in his late sixties.  I’m trying to still be positive, but when you get to that age, well…


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