And That Exam Grind Continues

The refresher to the first three chapters ended yesterday, which means from tonight’s shift onward it’s going to be two hundred-item exams every session until all that series 6 information gets irrevocably drilled into our brains.  Seriously not looking forward to it at all.

The baby and his new nanny came by on schedule, and indeed the sound of him running around my room was the thing that woke me up.  And to think I could have slept through two more hours at least. Oh well…  Speaking of which, that was one of the most comfortable (and easy) streaks of sleep I’ve had in days.  The relatively cool breeze helped a lot.

Endured another bit of my father moralizing me about how I should now keep my savings in mind since I’m working again. Thanks dad, I seriously didn’t already know that!

Speaking of money, have to look into buying shampoo now, as well as a lock for the locker I was assigned at work.


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