Never Want To Think About It

After another two straight 100-item exams, suffice to say that I was more than willing to sleep through the rest of Saturday… And I did, since as soon as I lay down, the next thing I knew it was seven in the evening already.

My father is thinking of having us visit the wake tomorrow of Lola Popeng.  I’ve half a mind to excuse myself from it, as I’ve never been comfortable during wakes, especially when the wake is for someone you’ve known for a long time. Plus, I think tatay has more of a right to go, as he has a far more deeper connection to Lola Popeng’s family anyhow; it’s at her family home where he stayed at, when he first ventured to Manila to study.  

It’s much more than my own experience of hanging around their house-come-barbershop at Harrison in front of Our Lady of Sorrows, in any case.

We’ll just have to see.

Anime Watched: Log Horizon S2.


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