Wish It Was Under Happier Circumstances

Still on my nocturnal schedule, I went to sleep at around four in the morning… only to wake up at around eight, because it was Sunday, and I got way too used to my father nagging me to get up during Sundays.

In any case, the two of us did what we could, as after lunchtime/noon we were off to the wake of Lola Popeng, whose home my father stayed in during his first time in the big city (waaaaay back in the 60s), and whose old house at F.B. Harrison, right in front of Our Lady of Sorrows parish, me and my sister spent a good chunk of our childhoods visiting.  Lots of fond memories… which was why I did not look forward to the wake.  At all.

The wake was held at Saint Peters, and there was a lot of hugging to be had with Lola’s children, who despite being able to secure a place at the memorial chapel, were still having trouble due to not being able to find lola’s personal documents… the ones that weren’t damaged by the recent floods, in any case.  Then there was also some trouble with paying for the funeral and cremation services, but since their youngest had hurriedly flown in from the UK with her husband, I assume it’ll get worked out. Somehow.

My father was uncharacteristically quiet for a while, but as more relatives started to arrive, he started to lighten up, if you can call joking about his own death, about how he was just going to “disappear” to not bother us with preparing his funeral, lightening up.  As for myself, I passed on viewing the casket; I preferred to keep my happy memories of lola instead, thank you very much.

The two of us had to leave by late afternoon so we could beat the traffic, but before we did, lola’s youngest finally arrived, with her British husband in tow.  More hugs, but thankfully no tears.  Father promised to be back on Wednesday, the day before the cremation, but sadly I couldn’t go myself, as it was in the midst of my Series 6 review.

We went to church first before heading home, but I had one more stop before going to the house — I had to make a detour to the local grocery to buy two new washbasins, as well as a lock for my locker at the office.

Too tired, so I’m calling it an evening.


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