Is It That Time Already

I hate to say time flies, but all of a sudden, it’s the second cut-off for the month, which means I have to file my shifts on the online HR site if I want to get paid at the end of the month.

Speaking of which, that also means that the series 6 exam is next week.  As if we needed even more pressure.  The way things are going though, with the two 100-item exams every night, by the time we get to that point we might not care any more.

There’s a real worry though that the high scores some of us are getting are more due to cumulative memorization (seeing the same questions again and again, and choosing the right answer becomes instinctual). Makes me wonder how we’d fare if we’re given a non-Kaplan exam to shake things up…

Still having trouble with the Retirement Planning chapter. Kind of wish we had our own functioning printer, so I could just print out that table I prepared for review.  Buh, will just have to go to a Netopia and have it printed for the time being.  Not much disposable cash right now, after all, and still no word on that back pay from my previous employment.

Until then, more reviewing.


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