Pressure Mounting With Proximity

So here I am, barely a week away from the actual series 6 exam.  Most of the class is already feeling the pressure. So much riding on the result, after all.  I mean, after all this work, you obviously WANT to pass, right?  Especially with that sign-in bonus at stake…

Myself in particular, I seem to have a glaring weakness with regards to mutual funds and customer communication.  Let me see if I can shore that up before Friday.  Yeah.

As for other things, apparently my father went and bought a lock for me anyway, despite the fact that I had mentioned that I had already done so last night.  Well, we have an extra lock (and key!) now, so I suppose we could use it to keep the baby from opening some stuff.

And for our dinner tonight (which meant it also got used for my baon), it was the pseudo crab-claws that I bought from SM’s Hypermart.  It was okay, though my father was dubious at the ratio between crab and flour used in its creation.

Incidentally, today is also the last day of the cutoff for the end-of-the-month payout, but I already filed my shift record before I left the office this morning so I’m not worrying about that one too much.

Anime Watched: Shingeki no Bahamut ~ Genesis.


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