Wind Blown Out Of My Sails

As I feared, the high scores I’ve been getting during the daily comprehensive exams were a compounding effect of getting exposed mostly the same set of questions day in and day out (if you can call getting familiar with Kaplan’s 4000+ question selection a regular occurrence!). When we were given a pre-test that wasn’t based on the online exam questions, the results were pretty damning — I only managed to score 66 out of 100, with the passing score being 70.  And the exam is pretty close too, at October 30 if things go as planned so…

From this point, I’m going to have to shift focus to the core knowledge side of things, especially in the wake of the pre-test, where I got a lot of careless mistakes because I hesitated on a question. Ugh.

Let’s see if the remaining days will be enough.

On the personal side of things, my father left early this afternoon to go the wake of Lola Popeng. Still haven’t spoken to him about his own thoughts about the matter, but the old guy’s been looking deflated over the past few days.  Of course he’s feeling bad, she was his guardian when he first came to the city, after all…

And tomorrow’s the cremation.

Anime Watched: Tamako Market the Movie: Tamako’s Love Story.


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