At Least We Have A Timeline Now

So there you have it.  We finally got our exam schedules last night, meaning we now know who’s going to the testing center first.  One of the class had the misfortune of not only being the first among us to take the exam (next week, on October 30th), but the only one for that particular schedule (as apparently there were no other slots for that particular day left).  Ouch.

On the bright side, this gives me more than one week to shore up my Mutual Fund-related weakness, as my own testing schedule is for November 4.  Haruhi knows I need the time to review.

As for personal stuff, well, today’s the cremation of Lola Popeng.  My father was actually just waiting for me to arrive, so he could get prepare to leave for it.  He left a half-hour or so ago, and it might be late afternoon before he comes back.  The weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating much however… 

Anyway, sleep.  I need it so badly.


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