Unlooked Connection Migrations

Our area’s phone lines went down the other day, apparently due to our system being migrated, whatever that meant.  The consequences were immediate however — our home phone registered nothing but a busy signal, and the modem’s third light, which showed the DSL connection, wasn’t on. 

It was annoying for sure. And by the time I got home from the office earlier this morning, it still hadn’t been resolved.  Annoyed, I went to bed, but not before stressing to my father to contact my sister, as her last text message was about how he planned to work from the house during the weekend.  Will with the internet down, fat chance of that happening.

My sleep was rudely interrupted by a call around eleven in the morning from the land line.  Apparently, they restored the phone service, though there was no word on when the internet service would be back.  Wasn’t quite able to go back to sleep after that, which kind of explains my grumpiness right now.

Tatay kept on coming in and pestering me about the internet connection.  I told him, no, under no uncertain terms, that we would be able to do anything about it.  It’ll get fixed when PLDT decides it’ll get fixed, though I suppose he had reason to be miffed, as he was forced to pay the phone bill early (we’re usually charged on the 5th, but for some reason the bill arrived for the 24th).

I am so looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.  Truly.


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