When You Feel Like You’re Running On Fumes Again

Suffice to say, that rather than sleep, I’ve spent the day doing anything but.  When I got home, I didn’t go to bed, and instead waited until the bank opened so I could deposit my pay into my savings account.  Kancolle and Kansen x Shoujo were helpful in that regard, for sure.

Then I waited a few hours more until around ten, then it was off to the Mall of Asia to do some printer shopping.  Managed to find a 3-in-1 HP Deskjet 1515 that was sold somewhat cheaper compared to the other shops (3200+ pesos compared to the 3600+ it was priced in the neighboring computer stores). Then it was back home, to install the new printer to the desktop, and move the old 2060 downstairs.

After that, it was back to the bank again so I could submit the form I needed to complete to reactivate my online banking account, as well as drop an application to invest in one of the Balanced Funds that my bank was offering.  Finally I had a talk with the branch manager at how it’s becoming increasingly unfeasible to maintain the joint account I had with my mom, especially when she’s stuck in the US (meaning that our bank simply can’t update her information).  The solution seems to be for me to open up my own account, and then migrate the funds there, but I’ll see if I can have something like what my sister and father did with their accounts with nanay instead.

Oh, and its the test schedule of one our classmates in the Series 6 class.  I wonder if he passed?  Well, I’ll find out later on when I go to work.

For now though, sleep

Anime Watched: Coffin Princess Chaika ~ Avenging Battle.


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