Weekend Ship Farming

Today I pretty much did what I promised last night, and spent most of it in front of my computer, playing Kantai Collection and hitting a map over and over for a specific ship. It's late in the day, and still no luck however... Interestingly enough, I did rouse myself from bed early to accompany … Continue reading Weekend Ship Farming

Classes In A Fridge

It's funny, throughout the review session last night the whole class was mostly shivering in our seats due to how the room temperature dropped lower than we've experienced so far at Sykes (fifteen freaking degrees celsius), and yet whenever we try to bring this fact to the attention of our instructor-on-duty, it was like he … Continue reading Classes In A Fridge

Post Movieday Blues

The night at the movies for the whole account actually went well -- everyone got to the Glorietta cinema before the schedule (though I did avoid eating dinner before the movie with the rest of the class, but that's just me), and everyone was more or less in their seats (again, I was at E13, … Continue reading Post Movieday Blues

Company Movie Night, I Suppose

Heading off to work today, though it would be more accurate to say that I'm off to join the rest of the Ameriprise account at Glorietta for a (company-funded) night at the movies. Though I can't say I care much for the movie itself, it's on the company, so it's a good enough reason to … Continue reading Company Movie Night, I Suppose

Moving Through Things Half-Awake

Despite my best efforts, I still fell asleep on and off during the training session last night.  An expected result of the fact that I can't seem to sleep a straight eight hours during the day.  I'm kind of hoping that won't happen tonight, but that's expecting too much, as I experienced an abbreviated slumber … Continue reading Moving Through Things Half-Awake

Unexpectedly Triple Layered

So we started our product training yesterday as promised.  After something like two hours trying to figure out how to connect to the remote server before our new instructor (the boss of Mike, our previous one for series 6/63) had to call in IT to fix things.  After that, suffice to say that I was … Continue reading Unexpectedly Triple Layered

Not Sure What To Expect, Really

Tonight's the start of product training, though honestly after series 6 and 63, I'm not sure what to expect.  All I know is, despite surviving the licensing exams, apparently we're going to only use about ten percent or so of what we learned.  Oi. We're still going to train on the same floor as the … Continue reading Not Sure What To Expect, Really

Continuing With My Break

Today was more or less a continuation from yesterday, which is to say mostly just me relaxing, and even catching up with anime-watching.  Nothing particularly noteworthy, though my mother (during her morning video-conference with us) that she's concerned that her grandson isn't talking (in coherent sentences) yet, compared to his barely same-age aunt (the second kid of … Continue reading Continuing With My Break

Not Spending My Weekends On Review For A Change

With series 6 and series 63 done with, I can finally spend the weekend relaxing.  And while I didn't watch any anime (because I'm waiting for the subs to Amagi Brilliant Park to show up first), I did spend most of it on gaming. As for what we ate for the day, it's no surprise … Continue reading Not Spending My Weekends On Review For A Change

That Passed Quickly Enough

So, series 63 exam day. I woke up early (five in the morning), got prepared, and was off to the MRT station (beating out the usual crowds) and Makati soon enough. I got to the Prometric testing center (at Ateneo Business School, right beside the Saudi Embassy) a little too early though, so I had to … Continue reading That Passed Quickly Enough