Weekend Ship Farming

November 30, 2014

Today I pretty much did what I promised last night, and spent most of it in front of my computer, playing Kantai Collection and hitting a map over and over for a specific ship. It’s late in the day, and still no luck however…

Interestingly enough, I did rouse myself from bed early to accompany my father to the wet market, to buy stuff to use for my baon in the coming week. In this case, it was a kilo’s worth of tocinochicken tocino, as well as longganisa.  

The house was quiet this weekend, mostly due to how my sister and the baby didn’t come over this time around.  This was due to a combination of factors: my sister’s on night duty for the next two weeks, and the fact that the baby had to be rushed to the hospital last night due to a fever (which turned out to be a case of inflamed tonsils).

The latter forced my father to go to Quezon City (and bring stuff for my sister in the process, including half of the longganisa I bought with my own money!), though he dithered for an hour until, annoyed, I just called my sister on her phone that he was heading over.  With that accomplished, I was left alone for most of the afternoon again, but that meant that I had to prepare dinner in the interim.

I decided on cabbage and potato soup, with pork cubes.  It worked out really well.

Going to see if I can do a few more runs, but given how tied to RNG things are, I’m not that hopeful that I could get the ship I want before the event ends tomorrow morning.


Classes In A Fridge

November 29, 2014

It’s funny, throughout the review session last night the whole class was mostly shivering in our seats due to how the room temperature dropped lower than we’ve experienced so far at Sykes (fifteen freaking degrees celsius), and yet whenever we try to bring this fact to the attention of our instructor-on-duty, it was like he didn’t notice it at all. I guess he’s just used to the A/C temperature settings already, but for the rest of us, it made focusing on the lesson close to impossible, as the cold made it very tempting to just doze off where we sat.

Due to the cold, I was sure glad to get home.  Had some breakfast, then went to bed for a bit.  And when I woke up in the afternoon, it was laundry as usual.  Took me some two hours and fifteen minutes to go through the pile, but as it was pretty cloudy and there was a good breeze going, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

Of course, it then started to shower close to the end, but it was brief enough that it was barely even a nuisance.

As for tomorrow… Passing by the wetmarket to buy stuff for my baon for next week is on top of the things I need to do.

Anime Watched: Gundam Reconquista in G.

Post Movieday Blues

November 28, 2014

The night at the movies for the whole account actually went well — everyone got to the Glorietta cinema before the schedule (though I did avoid eating dinner before the movie with the rest of the class, but that’s just me), and everyone was more or less in their seats (again, I was at E13, an aisle seat away from everyone else) when the movie started. Suffice to say that the movie wasn’t a waste of two hours, but understandably I wanted to be out and away as soon as it ended.

I tried to keep as quiet as possible once I got home, even to the point of keeping the lights in my room off, and only revealed my presence when my father finally awoke around four in the morning.  Went to bed at around that point too, but I ended up waking barely four hours later anyway.

What I’m really bummed out about is how my salary doesn’t seem to be in place (spent most of the day walking too and from the neighborhood BDO, checking if the money is there already), which makes me worry about whether or not I was able to submit the cutoff data properly.  And this is on top of there still being no word on my backpay… Suffice to say that not having money bums me out.

Gonna have to focus on the rest of the product training tonight, but I really hope to see my pay by tomorrow.

Anime Watched: Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, Shirobako, Ore Twintail ni Narimasu, Amagi Brilliant Park.

Company Movie Night, I Suppose

November 27, 2014

Heading off to work today, though it would be more accurate to say that I’m off to join the rest of the Ameriprise account at Glorietta for a (company-funded) night at the movies. Though I can’t say I care much for the movie itself, it’s on the company, so it’s a good enough reason to spend two hours.  And what’s more, it’s payday tomorrow, so once it’s done, I can go to the ATM and withdraw my pay.

That said, got into another spat with my father today, that spun off from him seeing me getting a bill from for my bank’s credit card (even though it shown that I had nothing to pay).  What is it with him and credit cards anyway?  

Anyway, despite starting with credit cards, his rant spun off to my financial situation as usual.  I tuned him out, as it was just more of the same.  I swear, he’ll never trust in me.

There was a bit of rain, and while it’s mostly stopped, I’m going to bring an umbrella with me. Just to be on the sure side.

Moving Through Things Half-Awake

November 26, 2014

Despite my best efforts, I still fell asleep on and off during the training session last night.  An expected result of the fact that I can’t seem to sleep a straight eight hours during the day.  I’m kind of hoping that won’t happen tonight, but that’s expecting too much, as I experienced an abbreviated slumber this afternoon as well.  Ugh.

If I understand right, we’re going to have a free day tomorrow, to coincide with the Ameriprise account’s annual pre-Thanksgiving Day movie out. The movie in question this time is, of course, Mockingjay, and they’ve apparently reserved a whole theater for us at Glorietta for it (and we’re supposed to get our tickets tonight), but somehow I feel that the timing’s a bit off.  For one, shouldn’t the screening be on Friday instead?

Of course, this all comes on top of payday as well, but again, my classmates seem to think that we’re going to get our money tomorrow.  Really now?

That aside, spent most of the day farming the second event map in Kantai Collection.  Though I seem to be getting all the other rare destroyers (of events past too!) instead of the rare destroyer that I actually want (Asagumo). Desire meter too high, I suppose.

3-day collated farming results.

3-day collated farming results.

Though the event was extended to the first of December, I’m not sure it’s going to be enough time, given how RNG’s screwed with me today.

Anime Watched: Gugure Kokuri-san, Gundam Build Fighters Try, Rage of Bahamut ~ Genesis. 

Unexpectedly Triple Layered

November 25, 2014

So we started our product training yesterday as promised.  After something like two hours trying to figure out how to connect to the remote server before our new instructor (the boss of Mike, our previous one for series 6/63) had to call in IT to fix things.  After that, suffice to say that I was surprised at the amount of remote desktops we had to jump through to even access  the Ameriprise review material.  Most BPOs only need one remote server (usually powered by Citrix); in our case, we need two (a remote desktop opened after pulling up a remote desktop).

The training itself was straightforward, though I wonder about the retention factor of it, as I breezed through three modules yesterday without missing a beat, and we’re supposed to go through three more tonight. Hmm.

On the personal side, gosh I kind of wish I’d sleep straight through the afternoon these days, but it’s getting hard enough to manage four or five hours before I have to wake up.  Might do with the cool breeze from the outside, combined with my room’s fan, I guess. In any case, I did eventually go back to sleep, but only after something like three hours of Kantai Collection (farming E2; managed to get Akigumo, Tanikaze, and Naganami, but still no Asagumo).

Speaking of which, Kadokawa finally released a PV of its Kancolle Kai game, and color me surprised at how it seems to include all content up to the current event (it has Akizuki and Irako for one).

Not Sure What To Expect, Really

November 24, 2014

Tonight’s the start of product training, though honestly after series 6 and 63, I’m not sure what to expect.  All I know is, despite surviving the licensing exams, apparently we’re going to only use about ten percent or so of what we learned.  Oi.

We’re still going to train on the same floor as the rest of the class still studying for series 63, so it’s not like we’re not going to see them.  Still, it depends on the humor of our new trainer, who’s also going to be a supervisor on the floor once we take in actual calls.

Anyway, I’ll just focus on the little things for now: getting to work on time, and not  falling asleep for the most part during the training proper.

P.S. Unrelated, but I’ve been experiencing terrible internet speeds for the whole day (upload speed in particular got halved), enough that I’ve more or less embarrassed myself earlier at World at Tanks, due to constant disconnections and whatnot.  I called PLDT again, gave them a piece of my mind, and now await what excuses they’ll come up this time around.