Surprised Even Myself

The results of the Mastery Exam were surprising, to say the least.  I somehow managed to score 93%, though as mentioned by our instructor, it’s best to not rest on that, and still spend the rest of our long weekend studying.  Sounds as good advice as any.

When I got home, I didn’t go to bed, and instead stayed up because I was treating the family to lunch outside, as my way of making up to my sister for not treating her during her birthday way back in September.  So the four of us and the baby went off to the Mall of Asia to take a look at the restaurants there… only to find to our surprise that not only was the mall not open yet, most of the restaurants weren’t either.  

It was so strange, especially since in our experience, stores were usually still open even during All Saints Day and All Souls Day. 

We walked around for a bit, first on the ground floor, then the second floor, to check on which restaurants were opened or not, and we eventually happened upon a Korean place — Bulgogi Brothers, if I remember right. Seeing as tatay and the baby’s caretaker hadn’t experienced Korean cuisine yet, I figured it was just as well.

Suffice to say we ordered a spread for four people and more, most of it vegetables, with a great big helping of refillable iced tea.

Once we had our fill and I paid for our orders, we walked around a bit.  The plan was we were going to take the baby to the breakwater to have some pictures taken, but there was hardly any cloud cover, so that was out of the question.  We had to settle with having my nephew run around on the walkway that crossed over from the mall to the bayside.

We eventually headed home, feeling quite heavy due to all that vegetables.  I didn’t go to bed though, as I had to run to the nearby mall to finally have a scratchproof film installed on my Galaxy Tab’s screen, plus buy it a case of its own, plus a new belt case for my cellphone.

And after all that, only now am I considering just jumping off to bed to sleep off the rest of the evening.  Looks awfully tempting. 


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