And Now To Sleep This All Off

Despite my preparations last night, today nearly started with a disaster, when I discovered to my horror the massive line leading into the EDSA MRT station, the massive line inside the station, and the long wait to even get down to the train platform.  Add to this the twenty-odd minute walk to the RCBC Plaza – Buendia area, and I was terrified that I’d be late for the exam.  Thankfully our instructor managed to intercept me at RCBC, and guided me to where the testing center was… just two buildings down from RCBC on Buendia actually.  

I hurriedly went in, endured a 27-floor elevator ride, then arrived at Pearsons Testing Center, where I was given the rundown and requirements — Government ID (passport in my case), supporting ID (my ATM with my signature), after which my palms were scanned and my picture was taken. Then I was asked to take off everything that wasn’t my clothes or shoes, meaning even my belt and necklaces (which along with my bag was put into a locker), plus my pockets were emptied of everything.  

When they were sure that I didn’t have anything on me, I was given my Passport, and hustled along to the next step, which was more instructions before I was allowed into the testing area (where my palms were scanned again, and I was given a calculator and notepad to use).  After one final search, it was into the room, where I was told that I was to only pay attention to the PC in front of me, and not even move my chair back if I could. Then it was the exam tutorial, which was immediately followed by the exam proper.

The exam itself was two hours and thirty minutes long, for a hundred and five items, but I took something like two hours. When I was done, I raised my hand to signal the observer outside that I was done.

So how did I do?  Surprisingly well. 86% all told.

After I was hustled out and the exam results printed, and my stuff retrieved (and worn again!), I met up with our instructor at the Starbucks Cafe on the second floor of RCBC plaza.  Gave them the rundown of the questions I remembered, gave advice for the people taking the exam at eleven forty-five, and along with our instructor escorted them to the building where the testing center was located.  With that done, those who survived the nine-o’clock exam followed our instructor across Buendia to the Columns, where we settled down at the Starbucks there to wait for the results.

There we found two of the classmates that had the same schedule as I did and… they didn’t look happy.  One barely passed, but the guy, one of those our instructor expected to do well… didn’t.  That was a big disappointment, for sure.

The two didn’t linger, while me and another classmate waited with our instructor for the results of the second batch, and in the two odd-hours we had to endure our instructor beating himself up at what happened with the guy who didn’t pass. I blame the caffeine from the venti he bought.

When the second batch finally rendezvoused with us at Starbucks, it wasn’t all good news either.  Most passed, but their scores were in the 70s, and one failed.

To those of us who decided to stick around (myself, Ron, Anne, and Jade), our boss treated us to Tokyo-Tokyo.  Four of us elected to get Sumo meals (which I have to remind everyone is portioned for two people including the drinks), but it goes to show how hungry we were.  After that, we went our ways, though three of us including our instructor (who was going to pass by Landmark to get a change of shirt, as he was going straight to the office after all that) heading toward the Glorietta area instead.

Personally, I was a little surprised at all the stores that were now beside the walkway that cut through all those parking buildings along dela Rosa.  They weren’t there when I was still with Etrade, four years ago.

It was at the Landmark where we truly parted ways.  Myself, it was on to the MRT station. Then home.

It’s a good thing we’re not required to come to the office tonight. I’m bushed.

Anime Watched: Rage of Bahamut ~Genesis.


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