Half Head Start, Half Goofing Off

We finally received the review material for series 63, so for those of us who’ve finished with the series 6 exam, it’s more or less free time to do some advanced reading, while the rest continue their review for their test on the 11th.  In practice however, this means that we’re free to do what we want, though most of us are already marking out the important parts of the series 63 manual.

Lots of new stuff concerning laws, which means specifics versus application again, but thankfully the manual is now much thinner than what we had for series 6.  It’s back-to-back this time around though, but its still much better than the 500+ page binders we had to carry around for series 6.

Our other classmates got foisted a non-Kaplan exam last night, and it turned out much harder than anyone expected.  Still, it was a good thing, as it shook them out of their complacency, as they’d gotten too used to the Kaplan-based exams.  Tonight should be more of the same, though hopefully it hammers into their heads the point that core information and proper interpretation are the key to passing the actual exam.

That aside, nothing much today, except for the fact that I finally received my account number for the Metrobank mutual fund (Balanced) I applied for.  I made a small starting deposit today — just six thousand pesos — but I’ll start to add to it every month from this point on. Should be interesting, investing again.

Oh, and apparently my sister is dragging her family and my father to Boracay next week… And I’m left alone at home as usual, as I can’t use my leaves yet. Buh.  Next time, I’ll have both money and leaves to join in, they’ll see..

Anime Watched: Coffin Princess Chaika S2.


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