Weekend Cleaning

Not too much of a surprise, but the first thing I did once I woke up in the afternoon was to do the laundry.  Given the cloudy weather, there was the real fear that I might get rained in before I finished, but it never did rain. That said, it was already late in the afternoon when I was finally done, but I did get the clothes hung out to dry before evening arrived in full.

Aside from that, I also cleaned the toilet before I took a bath, but despite my efforts, I couldn’t quite get rid of the dark spots in between the tiles of our toilet.  Might have to use bleach on that, but it’s an issue for tomorrow I suppose.

Speaking of which, I’m probably going to spend a good chunk of tomorrow trying to familiarize myself with series 63. Not like I have a choice, as the annuities folk will be having their exams next week.  


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