Not A Whole Lot Done

It turns out, I didn’t have to help with the second set of laundry, which was made up of the bedsheets and pillow cases.  I did have to change to a more current set of course, but that barely took five minutes on its own.  While I’m happy for the new sheets, I’m wondering about having my pillows washed as well, but seeing as we haven’t used the washing machine in a while, I’m not sure if handwashing would be a practical alternative anyway.

As for the rest of the day, spent it relaxing for the most part, though I did get a call from one of the PLDT technicians asking me to see if my connection was any better (as they had tried to migrate our line again).  Given how I had to reinstall World of Tanks (due to a stupid issue that could only be solved via re-installing), I can’t really say yet, but you can be sure that it’s the first thing I’d check when it’s done!

In any case, the day for the latter part of our class to take their series 6 exam is fast approaching.  Really have to take advantage of this head start, while it’s still there.

P.S. Kind of strange, to have both the 1st year anniversary of the devastation brought on by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan followed by the 25th anniversary of the coming down of the Berlin Wall.  I’m old enough to have been around for the latter, while the former’s effects still lingers at my father’s homeland.

Anime Watched: Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen.


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