All Else Being Equal

I have to say, last night as work was one of the more relaxing shifts I’d had, due to how we spend most of it watching lesson videos or dozing in the classroom.  Most of it was the latter of course, as our instructor left us be while he focused on the new batch he was training just one floor above us.

I expect it to change however, in the wake of the results of those who took the exam this morning. Really hope that most of them pass, if not all, as it would be awfully awkward when series 63 training starts in earnest,especially with the shorter window — the exam is going to be on the 17th!  That’s one week, way too short to cram 4 chapter’s worth of info into our noggins’.

Buh, we’ll just have to see and do our best, again.  At any rate, the review proper will begin tomorrow, so more reading-up for me as usual.

On the personal side of things, I’m left alone at home again for a bit, as my sister’s family with my father in tow head to Boracay. At this point, I’ll be happy for keychains. Someday, someday I’ll be able to come along with them…  Was a bit worried when it rained hard a few hours after they left, but at that point their flight was likely well on its way.

Anime Watched: Gugure Kokuri-san, Rage of Bahamut ~ Genesis.


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