Everything At Parity Once More

With the results of the series 6 exam for those of the class assigned to annuities already apparent, it means that from tonight onward, the review for series 63 begins in earnest.  Have to say, even after series 6, I find series 63 a bit more intimidating, as it deals with a whole lot of laws and requisite interpretation of said laws.  

Not only that, we’re on a more abbreviated timeline — the exam date is set on the 21st, as the Mutual Funds department wants us on the training floor as soon as possible. It’s not really comforting, getting rushed like this, despite how series 63 is relatively shorter (just four chapters!) for sure.

In any case, no more sleeping at the training room from this point on. Going to have to pay attention now, and when the practice exams hit, understand each entry.

As for other things… Got woken up late afternoon from my old job’s accounting office, obviously about the constant follow-ups on my backpay that I’ve been worrying about for two+ months.  It’s not good news though; apparently the person who was supposed to handle things left the company, leaving them with a backlog of backpay processing (I’m taking this at face value, but it might also be an excuse).

In any case, they have no idea when my request will be processed,but told me to call back at the end of the month.  Stupid stupid stupid…  There goes my investment plans.


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