Trying To Squeeze Things In, Not Succeeding

I’m definitely having a considerably harder time trying to absorb the new series 63 information, which is alarming, as it’s just the first chapter, and there are three chapters to go after this.  Add in to the fact that the examination is next week (on the 21st), and you can understand the alarm that I’m feeling. Hopefully the return to structured classes (as everyone is now done with Series 6) will put all that information into context.

That aside, it’s kind of funny how it’s payday tomorrow, or at least that’s what I hope.  Straight to the bank for my salary again, though this means I can’t invest in my stock account again due to the issues with my online banking account that still haven’t been resolved.

As for my sister, her family, and my father, they should be back either late tomorrow or early on Saturday.  Kind of relieved at that.

Anime Watched: Coffin Princess Chaika ~ Avenging Battle.


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