Feeling That Crunch Again

Oh boy, really feeling the pressure here.  Let’s just say that I’m not absorbing series 63 information as fast as I’d like, especially with the exam looming next Friday.  The confusing wording doesn’t help either, nor the walls of text each of us have to overcome in the actual review material. And we’re on chapter 2 tonight, which means we have barely 1 day of review per chapter.  Oi.

It was payday today, and I was able to withdraw my salary easily enough.  The problem was depositing said salary into my account, as apparently our branch was offline, so I had to run to another branch several blocks away just to deposit the money.  Seven thousand went into normal savings, a thousand to additional mutual fund investment, and a small bit for credit card payment.

Well my sister, father, and the baby came home today, though I was pushed out of my sleep way too early in the process as my sister had to call our land line just to wake me up.  Our father arrived hours later, apparently due to a combination of flight delays, holding pattern shenanigans, runway traffic, and plain old-fashioned vehicular traffic.

As for myself, I’ll just try to squeeze as much chapter 2 information into my head tonight as I can, but I’m not too optimistic that it’ll all stick, especially due to the confusing combination of terminology.  Exempt!  Non-Exempt!

Anime Watched: Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, Amagi Brilliant Park, Ore Twintail ni Narimasu.


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