Continuing On From The Day Before

I woke up a little earlier than usual, mostly due to my sister using the PC, and bringing the baby with her while she browsed. So when she was finally done (after I washed my face and gargled of course), I continued with the Kantai Collection event, only this time with the intent to finish it.

I didn’t do everything in one go; I had to do some dusting in my room, scrubbed the floor until the wax on it gleamed, on top of having breakfast and lunch with the family. However at around one in the afternoon, my girls finally made the needed push and finished off the boss (who I only properly sunk twice — I had to reduce her HP the hard way, via chip damage).

The finishing blow.
The finishing blow.
IJN Nowaki
IJN Nowaki
And clearance form. Done and Done!
And clearance form. Done and Done!

And so here I am, with the event proper done.  All I need to do for completion’s sake is farm Asagumo who, rather than a stage reward, is a drop from the boss nodes of all event maps.  I don’t have to do it in one go however, and I can take my time (the event ends at the 28th after all) farming her.

As for everything else, did some reading on chapter 3 and 4 of series 63, but that was just browsing rather than actual reading to absorb the information permanently.  Going to have to do that tomorrow.


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