Not So Blue Sky, At All

I’m finding it increasingly annoying how I’m having difficulty with the series 63 review, even more so than the series 6 review I’d already experienced. I suppose the legal language involved plays a part in it, but it’s telling how my scores in the practice exams I’d been taking over the course of the day fluctuate between 69% to 83%. Ugh.  At this point, I’m going to have to fall back on strengthening my core information again.  Common sense can only get me so far after all.

Didn’t get much sleep, as even though I went to bed at around ten, I woke up close to two in the afternoon.  Since I couldn’t go back to bed, I spent time since then taking practice test after practice test. Interestingly enough, I spent most of that time alone; my father had went someplace, and only came back very late in the afternoon.

Speaking of afternoons, my word, did it turn dark at around four-thirty or so.  I was actually worried it was going to rain torrents, so dark it was.  No rain came of course, but there was a drop in temperature.  It’s actually getting kind of chilly, which is funny, given how our home is located smack drab in the capital.

Anyway, going to continue with the test drilling, with core knowledge review on the side (specifically chapter 1 and 4, which make the bulk of the exam).


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