On The Lip Of The Precipice Once Again

Well here I am, about two days away from the series 63 exam, and still not feeling altogether confident at my chances.  I seem to be doing better with regards to the practice exams, but as was evidenced by the performance of my classmates during the previous series 6 exam, doing good on the practice exams doesn’t necessarily carry over to the actual test.  Which is why I’m going to have to continue focusing on building up my core knowledge until the very last moment.

That said, for those taking the exam on Friday, we have tomorrow off to relax a bit, so I suppose I can review for the first half, then just rest during the second half.  No sense stressing myself out even more than I already am, ahaha.

In any case, the itinerary for us will be more comprehensive exams, and maybe mastery exams if possible.  It’s going to be also technically the last time the class will be together, as from Monday onward we mutual fund folk will be engrossed in Product Training. Buh.

First thing’s first though: passing the exam on Friday. Yeah.

Oh, and since I had money again, I tried giving my dentist a visit… only to find that she wasn’t in. At least I was able to get her phone number, and hopefully I can get an appointment tomorrow to not only have my teeth cleaned (after months!) as well as have my retainers adjusted again.



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