Continuing With My Break

Today was more or less a continuation from yesterday, which is to say mostly just me relaxing, and even catching up with anime-watching.  Nothing particularly noteworthy, though my mother (during her morning video-conference with us) that she’s concerned that her grandson isn’t talking (in coherent sentences) yet, compared to his barely same-age aunt (the second kid of my mom’s youngest sibling) who’s apparently quite a motormouth.  I’m a bit worried to, especially since me and my sister were both early talkers, but my sister for some reason is just brushing this all aside.

Anyway, just continuing with the rest of my watching, then maybe bed once the last of my Kancolle expeditions arrive (so I could reconfigure them for 4-5 hour expeds while I sleep).

Anime Watched: Futsu no Joshikousei Locodol wa Yatemita (episode 12 and special), Amagi Brilliant Park, Log Horizon S2, Ore Twintail ni Narimasu! 


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