Moving Through Things Half-Awake

Despite my best efforts, I still fell asleep on and off during the training session last night.  An expected result of the fact that I can’t seem to sleep a straight eight hours during the day.  I’m kind of hoping that won’t happen tonight, but that’s expecting too much, as I experienced an abbreviated slumber this afternoon as well.  Ugh.

If I understand right, we’re going to have a free day tomorrow, to coincide with the Ameriprise account’s annual pre-Thanksgiving Day movie out. The movie in question this time is, of course, Mockingjay, and they’ve apparently reserved a whole theater for us at Glorietta for it (and we’re supposed to get our tickets tonight), but somehow I feel that the timing’s a bit off.  For one, shouldn’t the screening be on Friday instead?

Of course, this all comes on top of payday as well, but again, my classmates seem to think that we’re going to get our money tomorrow.  Really now?

That aside, spent most of the day farming the second event map in Kantai Collection.  Though I seem to be getting all the other rare destroyers (of events past too!) instead of the rare destroyer that I actually want (Asagumo). Desire meter too high, I suppose.

3-day collated farming results.
3-day collated farming results.

Though the event was extended to the first of December, I’m not sure it’s going to be enough time, given how RNG’s screwed with me today.

Anime Watched: Gugure Kokuri-san, Gundam Build Fighters Try, Rage of Bahamut ~ Genesis. 


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