Company Movie Night, I Suppose

Heading off to work today, though it would be more accurate to say that I’m off to join the rest of the Ameriprise account at Glorietta for a (company-funded) night at the movies. Though I can’t say I care much for the movie itself, it’s on the company, so it’s a good enough reason to spend two hours.  And what’s more, it’s payday tomorrow, so once it’s done, I can go to the ATM and withdraw my pay.

That said, got into another spat with my father today, that spun off from him seeing me getting a bill from for my bank’s credit card (even though it shown that I had nothing to pay).  What is it with him and credit cards anyway?  

Anyway, despite starting with credit cards, his rant spun off to my financial situation as usual.  I tuned him out, as it was just more of the same.  I swear, he’ll never trust in me.

There was a bit of rain, and while it’s mostly stopped, I’m going to bring an umbrella with me. Just to be on the sure side.


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