Classes In A Fridge

It’s funny, throughout the review session last night the whole class was mostly shivering in our seats due to how the room temperature dropped lower than we’ve experienced so far at Sykes (fifteen freaking degrees celsius), and yet whenever we try to bring this fact to the attention of our instructor-on-duty, it was like he didn’t notice it at all. I guess he’s just used to the A/C temperature settings already, but for the rest of us, it made focusing on the lesson close to impossible, as the cold made it very tempting to just doze off where we sat.

Due to the cold, I was sure glad to get home.  Had some breakfast, then went to bed for a bit.  And when I woke up in the afternoon, it was laundry as usual.  Took me some two hours and fifteen minutes to go through the pile, but as it was pretty cloudy and there was a good breeze going, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

Of course, it then started to shower close to the end, but it was brief enough that it was barely even a nuisance.

As for tomorrow… Passing by the wetmarket to buy stuff for my baon for next week is on top of the things I need to do.

Anime Watched: Gundam Reconquista in G.


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