Weekend Ship Farming

Today I pretty much did what I promised last night, and spent most of it in front of my computer, playing Kantai Collection and hitting a map over and over for a specific ship. It’s late in the day, and still no luck however…

Interestingly enough, I did rouse myself from bed early to accompany my father to the wet market, to buy stuff to use for my baon in the coming week. In this case, it was a kilo’s worth of tocinochicken tocino, as well as longganisa.  

The house was quiet this weekend, mostly due to how my sister and the baby didn’t come over this time around.  This was due to a combination of factors: my sister’s on night duty for the next two weeks, and the fact that the baby had to be rushed to the hospital last night due to a fever (which turned out to be a case of inflamed tonsils).

The latter forced my father to go to Quezon City (and bring stuff for my sister in the process, including half of the longganisa I bought with my own money!), though he dithered for an hour until, annoyed, I just called my sister on her phone that he was heading over.  With that accomplished, I was left alone for most of the afternoon again, but that meant that I had to prepare dinner in the interim.

I decided on cabbage and potato soup, with pork cubes.  It worked out really well.

Going to see if I can do a few more runs, but given how tied to RNG things are, I’m not that hopeful that I could get the ship I want before the event ends tomorrow morning.


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