One Last, Before New Year

December 31, 2014

I’m kind of thankful that the team opted to have New Year’s eve off, as I’ve been feeling under the weather for most of the day. Otherwise, it’s been somewhat slow, with the only notable thing for me being the wait I had to endure for the pancit Malabon I had to buy this late afternoon, due to there being scads more people also trying to buy themselves bilaos (compared to last year anyway).

So all the family needs to do now is wait for the New Year to arrive.  This marks the second New Years that we’ve had the baby around by the way.

In any case, may the coming year be more fruitful for everyone.


Aches And Pains Into The New Year

December 30, 2014

As I was informed that the MRT might be ending its service early today, I’m up and awake much earlier than usual. Obviously it means that I’m going to have to finish everything I usually use the early evening to do (like bath and dinner).

Yesterday’s phone lab was a bit of a shock, as the training queue was ridiculously packed, which shouldn’t really happen.  Even our supervising coach from the US, Mitch, was perplexed by how busy that workday was, as apparently the queues were stacked system-wide. This jam-packed queue resulted in my final call of the day, a simple enough transaction which was supposed to be me processing a redemption of a client’s money market account in full, turning into an hour-long call because we had to wait on hold to conference with the Service department, who had the capability to have the address-on-record updated (something I can’t do).

Then they dropped us.  Thankfully the Service Expert queue wasn’t so packed, and we were able to resolve the transaction much more smoothly after that.  Still ended up making the call last for fifty-seven minutes.  Sheesh.

This meant of course that my lunch had to be adjusted, and needless to say I spent that hour in a corner of one of the floor’s sleeping areas trying to get some shuteye.When I finally came back, I didn’t even have to log in anymore, and just went straight to our usual team conference call with Mitch.  After that, it was a security awareness meeting along with the Riverside Annuities regulars, which was followed immediately by the end of the shift.

Which mean logging off and going home, only in my case I had to run back into the office after I remembered that I had forgotten my Starbucks tumbler on one of the pantry’s tables.  Boo.

Really have to get some cleaning done before the New Year, as my room is definitely a mess and needs a good dusting, but the aches in my palms, well, they’re starting to get much more noticeable. I really need to find a day or to and spend it far away from computers, and just lie down and rest completely.

Lacking Sleep, And Not Too Happy About It

December 29, 2014

So rather than sleep through the day as I should have been doing, I had to stay awake until mid-afternoon, so I could grab my salary and deposit it into my savings account. Why did I have to go that far? Well for one, if I missed the deposit today, I wouldn’t be able to do anything until after the New Year, as it’s just going to be one holiday after the other until then.  Ugh.

The money finally appeared in the account sometime after three in the afternoon.  To my surprise, it was around thirty-four thousand and seven hundred pesos, and not the twenty-something pesos I was expecting. Maybe they included the tax refund into the amount?  Regardless, it was off into my savings for everything, after deducting the six-thousand and one hundred pesos to pay for my Mastercard’s bill for the year, and another thousand-peso deposit into the Balanced Fund (though depending on how the market shapes up next year, might consider transferring to an Equity fund instead).

Tried to go to sleep afterward, but wasn’t able to get comfortable enough to do so.  Did manage to rest my eyes, but I don’t think that counts for much as my poor abused brain wasn’t able to get the rest it needed. I’m kind of worried about my shift tonight as a result, as in my case, lack of sleep just leads to easily-flayed nerves and increasingly angry retorts.

Will just have to see at this point, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that I’m going to have money to start the year with.

Anime Watched: Log Horizon S2.

Year-End Financial Worries

December 28, 2014

After a sudden expenditure today, I’m seriously worried about my finances with the arrival of the New Year. As such I seriously hope that my salary settles into my payroll account during daytime hours tomorrow, preferably during the time that the banks would be open so I could deposit the money into my savings.

Sure, I paid off the water and the phone bills, but it just won’t do to greet 2015 with just a hundred pesos in my savings account!  Darn.

I wanted to write about my (gasp!) sex life, but I feel it’s just way too candid even for this (especially for this!) online journal.  Suffice to say, erectile dysfunction makes things really awkward and embarrassing, and using our hands just isn’t the same… And getting it up only after two hours of foreplay is just pushing it.

Part Wedding Visit, Part Near-Roadtrip

December 27, 2014

As I mentioned the other day, the family (meaning myself, my father, my sister, her husband, and the baby) left at around eleven or so (locking the house behind us of course) for a four-hour trip to Silang, Cavite, the location of the wedding and the reception of a cousin from tatay’s side of the family.  It took that long, of course, due to encounters with barely-moving vehicular traffic (Silang proper and Nuvali were bad examples), but we eventually arrived at the resort-hotel where the reception was to take place at. In fact, we were the first of any of our relatives to arrive there, which meant that we were the first to check in.

The place was very nice, and it even had a pool as a centerpiece to the place, but whatever draw the pool normally had was negated by the fact that it was so bloody cold.  Silang’s close proximity to Tagaytay was bad enough, but there was this really really strong breeze blowing throughout the afternoon, which oddly enough just reminded me of the office. Brr. Suffice to say we didn’t even have to use the a/c in our room, the ceiling fan on its lowest setting was enough to make us retreat under the blankets later on.

The fact that there was a pool however meant that all of us had to make sure the baby didn’t wander into it by accident.

Our other relatives soon arrived one after another, followed by the bride herself and her husband-to-be plus his family, who were all from Mindoro. So the place was filled in quick order.

My brother-in-law had to head back to the city as he still had a shift at work, but since he left the car parked outside the resort (to be used when we finally went home the next day) it meant that he had to commute back to Metro Manila.  We had some dinner after that (paksiw na lechon and vegetables with quail eggs plus orange juice), but the price tag after almost made my sister’s eye pop from her sockets — it cost seven hundred-fifty pesos all told.  Yikes.

We all woke up for early breakfast, and my sister’s husband arrived just in time for it too, but soon enough we were all getting prepared for the wedding proper.  After everyone was bathed and changed, it was off to the church (San Juan de Nepomuceno parish), but as luck would have it, my right shoe’s soles chose that instant to fully-detach from the rest of the shoe itself. This led to a somewhat awkward situation where there I was, dressed to the nines, wandering among the stores close to the church, with one shoe in hand and half barefoot, looking for rugby/epoxy to glue the sole back on.  

I was able to buy some eventually, but this still meant that for most of the wedding itself I was actually out in front of the church, holding the sole to the shoe as I waited for the rugby to dry enough for me to wear the shoe again (and take turns watching the baby from my brother-in-law, as the kid was too hyper to sit still in the church). We only went in when close to the end of the wedding ceremony itself, if only to help my dad take pictures.

It was back to the resort for the reception. There was the usual food and games, but since I wasn’t a sponsor I excused myself early to retreat back to our room, to both get ready for the trip home and watch over the baby, who had fallen asleep around the time the buffet table was opened, and who spent the rest of the proceedings snoring with face in the pillow and his tush up in the air.  For my part, I just watched the Man of Steel (the newer version) on the TV, alternating with the Thor (Dark World) movie.

With the reception over, we packed our things, checked out, and said goodbye to our relatives.  Then it was back into my brother-in-law’s car… where we proceeded to go off the wrong exit and ended up well on the way to Batangas rather than the capital. Whoops.  After a loop at Santo Thomas, we managed to get back to the proper part of the express way (seeing Splash Island was a BIG clue we were heading in the right direction to our relief), then it was straight home.

My sister and the baby didn’t hop off at the house however, and would join my brother-in-law in heading back home to Quezon City, but they would be back by Monday.

As for yours truly, I was just happy to be back in my own bed again.

Slept Through Christmas Day

December 25, 2014

That’s right, I slept through Christmas Day.  Admittedly it was mostly my fault, as by the time I went to bed at one-thirty in the afternoon I’d spent the whole morning (from the time I arrived at around six) playing video games. So when I did go to bed… well it’s no surprise I slept straight until eleven in the evening.

Oh well. It was a holiday anyway.

And tomorrow? Ah I’m going to be on leave (though unpaid), where I’ll accompany the family to the resort where my cousin will get married at. Going to stay there overnight, which takes away the hassle of going to Cavite in the wee hours of the morning just to get to the wedding on time (had I not taken the leave).

Rain On Christmas Eve

December 24, 2014

I think many were surprised by how the day started darker than usual, and when we were finally let off work we soon found out why: it was raining, and hard.  Rather than a White Christmas, we got a Wet Christmas instead, though I suppose it’s not that uncommon, as it’s still the tail end of the monsoon season here in the Philippines.  In any case, I was glad that it didn’t flood my area, which meant I was able to go home (with the basket of goods given at the office) somewhat untroubled, if a little wet.

The shift last night was a mixed bag (and I said so during the post-shift debrief we had during the conference call), as while redemptions are now getting easier for me to process, there are still situations where I’m struck clueless at what to do.  You’d think that, with all my years in the BPO industry, I’d have gotten used to stuff like this, but seeing all those screens open, then getting a particularly difficult customer… it’s still overwhelming at times.

Tonight we’re moving our schedule forward an hour, just so we can get home early on Christmas Day.  Hopefully there won’t be too many calls, as it is supposedly a holiday.