One Last, Before New Year

I'm kind of thankful that the team opted to have New Year's eve off, as I've been feeling under the weather for most of the day. Otherwise, it's been somewhat slow, with the only notable thing for me being the wait I had to endure for the pancit Malabon I had to buy this late afternoon, … Continue reading One Last, Before New Year

Aches And Pains Into The New Year

As I was informed that the MRT might be ending its service early today, I'm up and awake much earlier than usual. Obviously it means that I'm going to have to finish everything I usually use the early evening to do (like bath and dinner). Yesterday's phone lab was a bit of a shock, as … Continue reading Aches And Pains Into The New Year

Lacking Sleep, And Not Too Happy About It

So rather than sleep through the day as I should have been doing, I had to stay awake until mid-afternoon, so I could grab my salary and deposit it into my savings account. Why did I have to go that far? Well for one, if I missed the deposit today, I wouldn't be able to … Continue reading Lacking Sleep, And Not Too Happy About It

Year-End Financial Worries

After a sudden expenditure today, I'm seriously worried about my finances with the arrival of the New Year. As such I seriously hope that my salary settles into my payroll account during daytime hours tomorrow, preferably during the time that the banks would be open so I could deposit the money into my savings. Sure, I … Continue reading Year-End Financial Worries

Part Wedding Visit, Part Near-Roadtrip

As I mentioned the other day, the family (meaning myself, my father, my sister, her husband, and the baby) left at around eleven or so (locking the house behind us of course) for a four-hour trip to Silang, Cavite, the location of the wedding and the reception of a cousin from tatay's side of the … Continue reading Part Wedding Visit, Part Near-Roadtrip

Slept Through Christmas Day

That's right, I slept through Christmas Day.  Admittedly it was mostly my fault, as by the time I went to bed at one-thirty in the afternoon I'd spent the whole morning (from the time I arrived at around six) playing video games. So when I did go to bed... well it's no surprise I slept … Continue reading Slept Through Christmas Day

Rain On Christmas Eve

I think many were surprised by how the day started darker than usual, and when we were finally let off work we soon found out why: it was raining, and hard.  Rather than a White Christmas, we got a Wet Christmas instead, though I suppose it's not that uncommon, as it's still the tail end … Continue reading Rain On Christmas Eve