Money’s Safe Again… For Now

I kind of expected that, as soon as my early-morning alarm rang, I’d just ignore it and go back to sleep.  As a result, when I finally woke up, it was already well past ten in the morning, and that meant I missed doing the usual morning Kantai Collection quests before the maintenance hit. Drat.

After washing my face and gargling though, it was straight to the bank for me, to deposit the sum of my salary into my savings, as well as make the usual thousand-peso investment to the Balanced fund. Too bad I wasn’t able to get to the minimum needed to earn interest on my account last month, but that’s what happens when the pay gets disbursed on a Saturday I guess.

So my money’s going to be safe for a while, at least until I do my Christmas shopping at the end of the week.

As for tonight, the idea is to keep awake and pay attention.  The former is harder than it seems though, as it’s very likely that the room temperature will drop like a brick again.


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