Another Worry Ignored For A Month

It wasn’t exactly my best performance at work, as despite my efforts I still managed to doze in the middle of class.  Ugh. At least I was able to answer the exercise we had at the end of the session, but that was embarrassing.  Going to have to make up for it though with tonight’s exam.

Oh, and paid off the electric and phone/internet bill this morning.  That’s a load off my mind, at least until next month.  That leaves me with… less than ten thousand pesos again, which means I’m going to have to hold off doing my Christmas shopping until the 15th, which is already awfully close to Christmas already.  And then there’s my cousin’s wedding on the 27th.  Ah.

Still no update on either my backpay processing, and the update to my online information hasn’t taken yet.  I’m so going to give some people a piece of my mind once I get back home from work tomorrow. Unless I get sidetracked with dusting off my room of course; the place’s getting a worrying shade of grey, I’ve found.

Anime Watched: Rage of Bahamut ~ Genesis, Girlfriend Beta, Sora no Method.

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