Did Well… I Think

We had the expected Week 1 proficiency exam last night, and I think I did mostly well.  The fact that it was both open-notes and allowed access to the Ameriprise ASK system certainly helped.  As to the results though, I suppose it’s up to our instructor as to whether or not to release them later on.

As for staying awake, really hard to do once it was past our last break.  The energy simply wasn’t there anymore, though I wonder if it’s more to our blood pressure or sugar levels bottoming out. *shrugs*

It’s on to week 2 stuff from this point on, and today we’re tackling all those Mainframe screens and commands we’re going to use when we’re finally on live calls.  Gonna have to try better, if anything, as Mainframe was always one of those more finicky systems you’d encounter while on the job.

Wasn’t able to sweep my room today, and there’s a noticeable layer of dust, well, everywhere now.  Going to have to muster some energy tomorrow, as looking at everything so grey doesn’t quite sit right with me

As for rest… As expected, I woke up midway at around twelve or so, which meant I had to spend some three or so hours tiring myself out before finally going to bed again. Hmm.

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